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Кому может понадобиться медицинский перевод?
Физические лица
Перевод с / на 52 языка результатов:
- анализов,
- исследований,
- судебно-медицинской экспертизы,
- вскрытий,
- заключений медэкспертов.

Сопровождение переводчиком
в зарубежной клинике
Юридические лица
В течение 2-3 дней переведем:
- описания характеристик медицинских
препаратов, материалов и оборудования
- инструкции по применению препаратов,
- сертификаты соответствия,
- протоколы клинических исследований.

При этом предлагаем привлекательные
цены на медицинский перевод.
мы предлагаем доступные цены на медицинский перевод

How does Lingvomed manage quality of the translation?

Quality of translation is determined by quality of the translators. We believe that only translators trained in the sciences and medicine can reliably understand and convey the industry-specific concepts they are translating. Our QA management implies compliance with EN 15038:2006, engaging only native speakers for Slavic and CIS languages and practicing multiple proofreading for all translations.

What is Lingvomed's capacity?

Lingvomed is capable of routine translation of up to 50,000 words per day. We work with 200 translators located in different countries and time zones. We also work weekends for faster order completion.

To sum up, what makes Lingvomed Translation Agency special?

Our strong sides are:
- Exclusive focus on medical translation
- 15 years of experience in the industry
- Special procedures for handling confidential information
- Confidentiality agreements and NDAs
- Flexible pricing strategy and individual offers for corporate clients
- Multiple quality control
- Compliance with EN 15038:2006
- Terminological compliance with GOST and ISO
- Customer-focused project management
- Specific client database (translation memory)
- Any subject or professional area in medicine, pharma and healthcare